…and I quote the lovely Sarah Silverman to get my point across…

i’ve failed at heterosexualityi’ve failed at homosexualityi guess i have to stop thinking that the right person is just going to come along, you knowi have to be the right personi have to come alongi’m a me-mo-sexualsarah silverman

Basically, this is where I am at. This time it is going to be about me. The time is now. I am on my way to being 32 years old and I have never put myself first. I have never done anything for myself. Now it is my turn. Completing graduate school this summer, getting my health under control, not putting up with anyone elses bullshit if they are not going to treat me with kindness. I need good things to happen in my life. I need to allow good things to happen. I need to live, not exist.


~ by jeneyepher on August 6, 2007.

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